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The Reclaim Podcast

Nov 7, 2020

Raymond Chang welcomes Tim Tseng to talk about how churches and Christian organizations can better equip the next generation of Asian Americans to live out the gospel, particularly in our pursuit of justice. They also share about historical leaders in Asian American Christianity and what we can learn from their lives.

As Pacific Area Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM), Tim Tseng is devoting the most important years of his life to raising up leaders who can make a positive impact for the Christian gospel; leaders who can be a leaven for the Kingdom of God (Luke 13:20-21). Called to ministry at Urbana 1981 and ordained by the American Baptist Churches USA, he pastored Asian immigrant churches and volunteered for my denomination. After earning his Ph.D. in the history of Christianity, he’s taught at several seminaries, lectured, led workshops, and published about the history of Christianity, evangelicalism, Chinese and Asian American Christianity, and race. Because Asian American Christians have such a special place in his heart, he’s also dedicated his life to supporting ministry leaders who serve Asian Americans.

Resources from the conversation:

Kingdom of God in America by H.R. Niebuhr  

Facing West: American Evangelicals in an Age of World Christianity by David R. Swartz

Asian American Christian Legacy Facebook Page

In Search of Equality: The Chinese Struggle Against Discrimination in Nineteenth-Century America by Charles J. McClain 

Chinatown's Suffragist, Pastor, and Community Organizer by Tim Tseng 

Race, Religion, and Civil Rights: Asian Students on the West Coast Stephanie Hinnershitz

The End of Empathy: Why White Protestants Stopped Loving Their Neighbors by John W. Compton

Additional resources on Chinese and Asian American Christianity

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Host: Raymond Chang

Sound Engineers: Ashley Hong, Sean Kim

Coordinator: Grace Liu