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The Reclaim Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Author and speaker Tiffany Bluhm joins Raymond Chang and Michelle Ami Reyes to talk about how Scripture helps us deconstruct harmful ideologies and practices that silence Asian American women. In their conversation, they talk about Tiffany’s book, “Prey Tell: Why We Silence Women Who Tell The Truth and How Everyone Can Speak Up!”, and what it looks like for Asian American women to truly thrive and be heard.

Tiffany Bluhm is the author of She Dreams and Never Alone and their companion Bible studies. She is cohost of the podcast Why Tho and speaks at conferences and events around the world. Her work has been featured in World Vision magazine and on the YouVersion Bible app, the Hallmark Channel, and the Jenny McCarthy Show. She leads an engaged audience of 50,000 followers online and is committed to encouraging people of faith to live with conviction, substance, and grace. As a minority, immigrant woman with an interracial family, Bluhm is passionate about inviting all to the table of faith, equality, justice, and dignity. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Hosts: Raymond Chang, Michelle Reyes

Sound engineers: Ashley Hong, Sean Kim

Coordinator: Grace Liu