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The Reclaim Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

Where do the roots of our cultural identities lie? How do we square our ethnicities with our status as those grafted into God’s people? Can ethnic nationalism be a force for positive change?

Join Raymond Chang and Hanmee Kim as they talk about history, the applicability of the American racial framework to Asian societies, and much more.

Hanmee Kim is Assistant Professor of History at Wheaton College. Her research interests include Americanism in Korea, Korea-U.S. diplomatic/cultural/intellectual interactions (1866-1945), and Korean students in the U.S. (1884-1960). Her work is published in Positions: Asia Critique, and she is currently working on a book manuscript on the development of Americanism in Korea.

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Host: Raymond Chang

Sound Engineer: Iris Kim, Sean Kim

Coordinator: Grace Liu